Lauren Redhead
Entoptic Landscape

Performed by Lauren Redhead and Ore. entoptic phenomena are experienced by all human beings. if you cover your eyes and shut out all light, for example by putting your hands over your closed eyes, you will see flashing lights and moving shapes. what you are seeing is the structure of your optic nerve. these are entoptic phenomena: a neurobiological experience.
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Lauren Entoptic Landscapes

New Music for Organ+Electronics

Works written and performed by Michael Bonaventure and Huw Morgan.
Released on 26 September 2015. Purchase download or CD.


Diapason – Music for Organ+Electronics

Works by Lauren Redhead, Adam Fergler, Tina Krekels, Alistair Zaldua, Michael Bonaventure, Huw Morgan, Caroline Lucas and Jesse Ronneau. Performed by Lauren Redhead and Alstair Zaldua. Purchase CD.


Breaking Light

Including “Adam’s Fall” for Organ+Electronics, written and performed by Huw Morgan. Purchase CD.

Breaking Light